“Vaginas” Coming To Westport

I could have headlined this “V-Day In Westport,” but I wanted to make sure absolutely no one skipped over this very important post.

Hope Boone, Jessica Rae Patton and Marianne Goodell rehearse their monologues.

Next Sunday (March 7) at 1 and 5 p.m., “The Vagina Monologues” will be performed at the Westport Country Playhouse.  The performances’ primary beneficiary is the Domestic Violence Crisis Center.  Also benefitting:  V-Day’s City of Joy, a campaign to end the rape and torture of women and girls in Congo.

“V-Day Westport 2010” involves women from all walks of life.  Some are actors or activists.  Others are 1st-time performers.  All hope to end violence against females, locally and globally.

The Vagina Monologues” was 1st performed Off-Broadway in 1998.  Diving into the mystery, humor, pain, power, wisdom, outrage and excitement of women’s experiences, it has been called “spellbinding, funny and almost unbearably moving…a work of art…a poem and a polemic, a performance and balm and a benediction.”

V-Day — named one of Worth Magazine’s “100 Best Charities,” and one of Marie Claire Magazine‘s “Top 10 Charities” — has raised over $70 million in just 12 years.  V-Day Westport is part of over 4200 similar benefits around the world.

(“The Vagina Monologues” is directed by Jill Jaysen of Center Stage Theatre Company.  Click here for tickets, or call 203-227-4177.  For more information on V-Day Westport, email vdaywestporttvm@gmail.com; check out the Facebook “VDay Westport” page, or Twitter @vdaywestport.)

Jill Jaysen rehearses her cast.

14 responses to ““Vaginas” Coming To Westport

  1. The Dude Abides

    I won’t go see it but I welcome any vaginas coming to Westport! For those World War II veterans out there, I am sure V-Day will take on a whole new manifestation of illusion or disillusion as the case may be.

  2. LOL!
    Dude… you rock!
    Count us “VV” [Vietnam Veterans] in.
    Is there a cast party at the VFW?

  3. Teenage Boy

    The title is so misleading.

  4. The Dude Abides

    Feeley, my man. VV rock. DaNang ’69-’70,
    Navy Air. Heard they are gonna give us a
    day? March 30th is gonna be “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.” No b.s. Only took them
    forty years!
    And they are worried about violence to women?
    War, war, what is it good for? Guys and gals dying in Aflghanistan and they are doing plays.
    Seems rather misdirected but the Dude abides.

  5. Dear “Dude”

    “They say we must fight to keep our freedom But Lord knows there’s got to be a better way . . .” Eve Ensler, the playwright, is a very outspoken advocate for peace but rather than “talking peace” she is fighting for peace. The war in Congo is the deadliest conflict since World War II with close to 6 million people killed and about 500,000 women and girls sexually tortured. It is the new wave of warfare, “Dude”, alienation of a village by killing its women through rape. There will be two free tickets waiting for you and a friend “Dude” at both the 1 pm show or the 5 pm show.

  6. Yo Dude,
    Love EchoZulu…
    Ya gonna take me as your co-Dude on Sunday:-)?
    My Tho ’66-’67 [IV Corps] Infantry Advisor in rice paddies in Mekong Delta.
    Where’s the March 30th party?
    Hey Dan, jump on this 3/30 story… draw a crowd.

  7. The Dude Abides

    Hey Echo Zulu. Thanks! Seriously. I am not so narrow minded not to see the atrocities to women in these mindless wars. 780 billion dollar budget and we can’t find/beat an enemy that doesn’t even own an airplane. Wars don’t work anymore, not since World War II. And unfortunately, while we debate health care in this country, the expense in Iraq would have given Medicare to everyone. Sorry Co-Dude, got to take the lady (the only vagina I really care about in this world). Professor Woog, at my urging, is already on the March 30th celebration although VFW and American Legion already opposed. Bummer to the bummed

  8. Happy to have you on board “Dude”/V-Man. Thank you for your service to this country and the world. It’s an amazing performance. Sorry Co-Dude/Feeley–you need to buy a ticket. ({}) Peace.

  9. The Dude Abides

    You are a classy human, Echo Zulu. I will take you up on your free tickets but will write you all a check as a donation. Thanks for your illumination of an issue(s) that remain somewhat closeted to my semi-ignorant brain. Change, the man said! Now!

  10. Bliss. You may sent a donation to V-Day Westport PO Box 1084, Southport CT 06890 or hand it to me in person at the show. I will be the one with the smile on my face. In friendship brother.

  11. Incredulous

    I guess we saw some “education” and “enlightenment” going on in these comments, but the cluelessness and immaturity of the first comments really amazed me. Do Dude and Tom Feeley really live in the 21st century? I am very, very grateful for their service to our country, but parading their biases in these pages was sad. Come see Vagina Monologues for some brain food.

  12. The Dude Abides

    Peace is just a fleeting moment. It is not really disbelief that you are displaying. It is judgemental pretentiousness. Get off your high horse and smile. Whoops, I forgot: It causes wrinkles.

  13. Fan of the Mighty VV's

    Go DUDE ! Now you really rock…how I detest “high horses”(they’re part of what gives our town a bad name).

    PS. Oh, and thanks for the smiles & good-natured fun, Dude + Tom Feeley….see ya at the show !

  14. The Dude Abides

    Echo Zulu: Sorry can’t make either performance. The wanderness calls.
    Sent you a check however. Keep up
    the good fight.