Calvin Wauchope Returns From Afghanistan; Greg Jacobs Is There — And Needs Help

Last June, “06880” posted a plea for supplies for Sgt. Calvin Wauchope, and the 40 Marines he led and worked with in Afghanistan.

Westporters responded immediately, and generously.  Within days, scores of residents dropped off toiletries, dried fruit, white socks, DVDs — and much more — at Jane Horton’s house.  She boxed them up and shipped them off.

Many other residents mailed goods (and goodies) on their own.  All told, over 50 large boxes were sent.

Sgt. Calvin Wauchope

Wauchope returned to the US in December, after 7 months in Helmand Province.  He was 15 miles outside of Marja — the hot spot in today’s news — locating enemy mortar fire using radio frequencies.

The experience, he says, was like nothing he’d ever had before — not even in 2 tours of Iraq.

“Southern Afghanistan society is very tribal and inclusive,” the Staples grad reports.  “It was hands down the most interesting and gratifying experience I’ve ever had.”

Wauchope is re-adjusting to civilian life.  He is applying to colleges in the New York area for next fall.  He will study political science, so he’s looking for work — even an internship — this spring and summer in town politics, or possibly the VA.

Meanwhile, he is trying to help a former Staples friend — and fellow military man.

Cpl. Greg Jacobs has been in Afghanistan since January.  As an infantryman, his days are particularly strenuous and stressful.

Wauchope — who was “blown away” by the support of Westporters last year — hopes to replicate that experience for Jacobs.

Wauchope suggests:

  • Dry noodles (Ramen, Cup Noodles)
    Pre-packaged tuna packets
    Beef jerky, dried fruit
    Chewing tobacco (Skoal, Grizzly — “some habits are a necessity over there”)
    Energy drinks
    Chips, pretzels and any dry food
    Canned soups (Campbell’s, Progresso, Chef Boyardee)
    Drink packets (Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, Propel, Gatorade)
    Toiletries (baby wipes, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant)
    Socks (boot length)
    Magazines, books, DVDs, CDs (old or new, classics or a mixtape)

“You don’t have to follow this exactly,” Wauchope notes.  Some of the best packages he received were from families who added their own favorites.  And, he says, “letters or pictures are a great addition.”

NOTE:  The donation site has changed.  Donations can now be dropped off at Jane Horton’s home:  134 Roseville Rd.  There is a trunk on the front porch.  She asks that drop-offs be made at “a reasonable hour.”  For more information, call Wauchope at 203-451-2617 or email  Because shipping is expensive, please consider adding a contribution to defray those costs.

You can also send supplies directly to Jacobs and his unit:
CPL Jacobs, Gregory C
3/6 H+S Co.  Scout Sniper Platoon
Unit 73290
FPO-AE 09510-3290

3 responses to “Calvin Wauchope Returns From Afghanistan; Greg Jacobs Is There — And Needs Help

  1. Carl A. Swanson

    Thanks for the information. I am attempted to send some “care boxes” to Iraq and was told I could not send them directly. They had to go through an agency so this is good news. My mother, god bless her, sent home made cookies and other goodies to every Westport serviceman in Vietnam for years, including me.
    She received Christmas cards from receipients for years after their return. Will get a package going for Greg and if you are listening Calvin, thanks for your service!

  2. Mark Jacobs

    Just a little more insight. Greg is serving with the 3rd Battalion, 6th Regiment, 2nd Marines, which is the “tip of the pear” in the Marja campaign. He called yesterday, and, while we only spoke for a few minutes, he said things have calmed down a bit after some fairly intense action. His current deployment (after two prior deployments in Iraq in 2007 and 2008) runs through late August, after which he is hoping to go to college. And he misses his family, friends and home.