Kids These Days

The plight of Haiti has touched everyone in Westport — young and old.

Kings Highway Elementary School students count the nearly $4,000 they collected.

Last week the Kings Highway Elementary School Caring Council — students who spearhead acts of kindness and spirit during the school year — organized a collection for the devastated land.

All week long, the youngsters collected coins in glass jars.  On Friday they gathered the donations in huge, heavy buckets, jars and cans.  In just 5 days students, staff and families raised $3,997.96.  (What — no one added an extra $2.04 to make it an even 4K?)

On Friday KHS PTA Social Action Committee chair Merideth Haas and her son Henry presented a check to Save the Children — the Westport-based relief organization.

There’s no better lesson in thinking locally, and acting globally.

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