I Resolve…

I swore I wasn’t going to post any New Year’s  Resolutions.

Then again, it’s not nice to swear.

So, in the year ahead “06880” will strive to:

  • Go easy on Westport drivers.  They are, after all, Very Important People, with perfectly understandable reasons to hurtle through town at warp speed while conducting Very Important Conversations on cell phones.
  • Refrain from making snide comments about the Y’s on-again, off-again, on-again Camp Mahackeno dance.  Unless something really snark-inducing happens.
  • Hold my McMansion fire.  People who live in condos shouldn’t throw stones.
  • Be excruciatingly polite to readers who demand that, because I have just done a post on (to choose a purely hypothetical example) a new business in town, I have to write about their competing business too.
  • Continue to seek out intriguing, dynamic, under-reported, fun, funny, heart-warming, heart-wrenching, offbeat, upbeat and generally cool story about Westport.  And about Westporters, large and small.
  • Especially small.

PS:  These are just resolutions.  It’s not like anyone expects me to keep them, right?

An example of a perfectly good and interesting-looking home, replaced by a generic and much uglier, larger house, which I will try my hardest not to make fun of in 2010. Honest.

4 responses to “I Resolve…

  1. Warren Shapiro


    Excellent new years resolutions! I’m with you on all of them except this one. The McMansion thing is just too tempting as these pictures clearly illustrate! But good luck on keeping those resolutions. Oops! I think you broke this one already! Happy New Year!

  2. Business owners really demand you mention their businesses too? You aren’t a governmental website, Dan, but a local activist/writer who always keeps in mind that your readers want the unusual post about subjects that aren’t mentioned elsewhere and that have real heart to them. Thanks, and continue to do what you’ve been doing! Happy New Year to all.

  3. David Abrams

    Go for it. The starter castles deserve everything they get.

  4. Julia McNamee

    keep writing, Dan! We love your blog…