You Can Bank On It

The good news is:  Fairfield County Bank, opening next month at the formerly wooded corner of the Post Road and South Compo, looks neither new nor ugly.  In fact, it seems like it’s been there forever.

The bad news:  It’s a bank.

8 responses to “You Can Bank On It

  1. I think that Westports new name should be Bankport because of all the banks in Westport. Do we really have to have 4 differant banks in an eigth of a mile of each other?

  2. The badder news is that its parking lot will create more traffic at the intersection of Compo and Post roads. All bank visitors should be required to turn right exiting the parking lot.

  3. Advantages of the new bank;
    1. No bank robberies. Robbers know traffic problems mean they cannot use a getaway car.
    2. If you are driving east on Post Rd and want to turn right at Compo–just take a shortcut through the bank parking lot.

    • I thought about the shortcut too. Surprisingly for all our gotta-get-every-advantage mindset, Westporters don’t always use every parking lot cut-through. Cumberland Farms (from Hillspoint onto the Post Road) and McDonald’s (from Roseville onto the Post Road) seem surprisingly underutilized by always-in-a-hurry folks.

  4. I don’t think it will be easy to take a short cut through the bank parking lot because it looks like the parking spaces are divided with winding curves and curbs making it difficult to navigate – maybe that was the intention. I’m more interested to see if they offer a special high interest rate on CDs – something better than 1%.

  5. Oh my goodness, do I hate banks! Really, how many more banks do we need here in town? What “service” could possibly be provided at this bank that you can’t already find at the other two on that corner, alone! And a block away in two directions at least two more banks that I can think of.

    Why doesn’t zoning worry a little less about how far my front porch is from the road, and consider the traffic, pollution and the need for more unnecessary earth-heating asphalt, that yet another big building produces, plus yet another drive through to produce more unnecessary Co2 so people don’t have to leave their cars.

    I have no idea what anyone does in town government, but clearly no one is taking responsibility for the stewardship of our land. This huge brick building should not have been allowed to go up.

    Lastly, how many jobs does a business like this create? Maybe a dozen (at most) in a huge, monsterous building surrounded by a solar heat collector parking lot. It’s unecological, it represents no planning on the part of our town government. It’s just a shame.

  6. Dan,

    Take a second look., it looks awfully ugly to me.

  7. I think the designer/builder/bank took a lot of trouble to make the building a structure of some note. A brick facade, copper gutters, architectural windows. It could have been rendered concrete and a flat roof, people!