Win Green For Green Club

Staples’ Green Club has done a lot in the past year.  They’re helping recycle everything from the usual paper and bottles to compact fluorescent bulbs.  They got the school to phase out paper towels in bathrooms; they created an edible garden, installed “No Idling” signs in the parking lot, and organized a hugely successful Eco-Fest.

All that costs money.  Now their good works can help them earn cash.

The Green Club entered CL&P’s “People’s Choice Award” contest.  The winning high school — there are 12 entrants — earns $20,000.  Runners-up get $5,000.  If Staples wins, the money will fund several projects, including the 2nd annual Eco-Fest.

Click here to vote.  At the site you can also watch a 2-minute video about Staples’ Green Club — but you don’t have to.

It’s the easiest thing you’ll do all day.  And, hopefully, only 1 of the greenest.

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