Up In Smoke

According to a survey of 110 Staples students by the school newspaper Inklings:

  • 50 percent have smoked marijuana
  • 31 percent have smoked a cigarette
  • 30 percent regularly smoke marijuana
  • 13 percent regularly smoke cigarettes
  • 76 percent think marijuana is more socially acceptable than cigarettes.

The Surgeon General’s long campaign against tobacco seems to be working.

Ads like “This is your mind on drugs” — not so much.

4 responses to “Up In Smoke

  1. Dan,
    The link you have is just to the Inklings site and not to an article on the survey you discuss. And I can’t find anything about it on the Inklings site. Hoping you just have advanced knowledge of an upcoming article and that we will see it up on the site shortly. Or that I just couldn’t find it on the site. I can’t imagine that it would have been taken down because of its content.

    • You’re correct. The article was in last Friday’s print edition. Inklings sometimes lags behind posting their print stories online. Hey — it’s a student publication, and they’ve got lives outside of school. I’m sure the story about this survey will be posted on their site soon.

  2. The article has since been posted and is available to view at inklingsnews.com! Thanks for the link, Dan 🙂

  3. Anthony Madonna

    Who cares about what high school kids do. They are stupid. I was a high school kid. I was stupid. I did dumb things and I always lied on surveys