Addressing Afghanistan

President Obama spoke last night about Afghanistan.  Americans now have our say.  But how much do we really know about that far-off, hard-to-fathom land?

If we’re going to have a serious discussion on a very important subject, we should know what we’re talking about.  Tomorrow (Thursday) night at 7:30, the Westport Public Library will help us do just that.

Paul Fishstein

Paul Fishstein will address the many difficult issues affecting this complicated place.  He’s a research fellow working on state building and human rights in Afghanistan and Pakistan at Harvard’s JFK School of Government at Harvard, with experience in that area dating back to 1977.

Spending a night learning about Pashtuns, Waziristan and other often-discussed but largely misunderstood subjects is no one’s idea of fun.  And it’s the holiday season; most of us have more than enough to keep us busy.

But if we’re going to have an opinion on the president’s major move, we should at least know what we’re talking about.

(The library’s Community Conversations are sponsored by the Smilow Family.)

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