Downtown Scenes

Uh-oh.  Be careful what you wish for.

Westporters who feared mob scenes downtown yesterday needn’t have worried.  Black Friday — the negative-sounding name given to the day after Thanksgiving, when retailers’ bottom lines are supposed to turn from red to black thanks to hordes of shoppers, some of whom actually kill for merchandise — was more like Pretty Normal Tuesday in Westport.

Parking lots had open spaces.  Traffic hummed along without tie-ups.  The cop at the corner of the Post Road and Main Street could have spent the day in Dunkin Donuts, and no one would have missed him.

That’s good news for motorists, shoppers and agoraphobics.

It’s bad news for merchants, employees, and our nation in general.

Meanwhile, it was pretty good news for Elaine Clayton, a loyal “06880” reader and artist whose “Illuminara” blog has gotten a shout-out from us in the past.

Elaine took her sketchbook downtown yesterday, and had plenty of room to stretch out and draw.  She was taken by a street musician in the cut-through by Acqua restaurant.  Here it is — and note there’s only one car in the scene.

One response to “Downtown Scenes

  1. Well, I have to make an honest statement that I’m not very good at drawing cars, and end up noticing people more than automobiles. There was no killer crush down there, but there was a nice flow of people, so let’s hope the buying was steady!