We Get Around

Some people will love today’s “06880” posting.  Others will cancel their (free) subscriptions.

It’s a guide to shortcuts — side streets to take to avoid traffic this holiday season.  All are legal — and disruptive to residents who actually live on these roads.  Use with caution.

Hillandale Road and points beyond. Heading westbound on the Post Road, things start to jam up around Barnes & Noble.  By the diner, they really slow down.  So head south any number of ways — Turkey Hill, Morningside, Church Street — and pick up Hillandale.  Take a left on Hillspoint, then a quick right onto Spicer Road, then Park Lane.  It zigs and zags — the sharp turn behind Volvo is particularly tough — but you’ll wind up, quite scenically, on South Compo.  From there  go right to shoot the back way into Compo Acres Shopping Center, or take a left, then right onto Thomas Road for a stress-free ride downtown.

Roseville Road and beyond. Alternatively, go right at McDonald’s onto Roseville.  At the odd 3-way intersection (only 2 of the 3 have stop signs), turn left onto Whitney Street.  This is another narrow street, with  a couple of speed humps.  But it takes you to the back lot behind CVS — or, taking a right on East Main Street (bet you didn’t know that was its name!), right on North Compo and left on Evergreen, you attack downtown from the north flank.

The west side. There’s more than one way to reach Stew’s.  If you’re on or near the messy Riverside Avenue/Saugatuck Avenue junction, head up Treadwell Avenue.  At the top, go left on King’s Highway South.  Follow all the way past Norwalk High School — which sits a few feet beyond the Westport line — out to the Post Road.

The Edge Hill secret. Sick of getting stuck at the Wilton Road/King’s Highway North light?  Edge Hill is a quick shot between the two.  While you’re at it, Old Hill Road to Partrick skirts Wilton Road nicely.

I know these hints will make me persona non grata with residents of each street, lane and hill I have mentioned.  All I can say is:  I live downtown.  I feel your pain.

6 responses to “We Get Around

  1. Hey, didn’t some one write this in the Westport News, a few years ago???

    Yes I know it was you, Dan.

  2. Well, some of us use these already, they now may get as slow – so best stay on the highlighted route!

  3. Wendy Crowther

    I happen to live on one of these shortcuts and know too well that they are over-utilized by throngs of speeding drivers without any help from 06880 publicity.

    I live on one of the shortest, thinnest streets you mentioned and, the other day, I waited for 15 cars to pass my driveway before I could pull out. Other drivers use my driveway as a turn-around to right whatever wrong turn they just made and in doing so they roll over my curbs and flowers . Countless others honk (just heard a honk argument moments ago), speed, throw empty food containers and bottles out their windows, and have accidents at the stop sign at the corner (one plowed through the hemlock tree I planted ten years ago and destroyed it, another hit the phone pole at the same corner and cracked it in half – I tended to the injuries until the ambulance arrived).

    Please, Dan, I love you but no more “short cut” articles, okay?

  4. Dan, please don’t make the promise! I want to know more!