The Show Must Go On — Part 2

Last Friday, “06880” reported how superbly Staples Players’ cast and crew reacted when — on opening night of “Guys and Dolls” — director David Roth and his wife, associate director Kerry Long, were busy with the birth of their 1st child.

That was nothing compared to the rest of the weekend.

Max Stampa-Brown sprained his ankle in mid-performance -- but he and the show went on. (Photo by Kerry Long)

Student assistant director Caley Beretta filled in — and faced more crises than some veteran directors see in a career.  Several actors were hit with the flu, and had to leave mid-performance.


And in the middle of Act 1, Max Stampa-Brown — Nathan Detroit — sprained his ankle.  He soldiered on — leaning on a cane in Act 2 — and Players weathered the storm.

In their 50-year history, Staples Players have produced countless memorable, award-winning shows.  Each year, their legend grows.

But chances are good that 50 years from now — when they’re much older men and women — today’s boys and girls will still be talking about the opening weekend of “Guys and Dolls.”

3 responses to “The Show Must Go On — Part 2

  1. One would never have known that there were problems. These kids are outstanding actors and the show was phenomenal. Only now do I realize that Max had a cane…he played effortlessly through his discomfort. Wow! I was impressed before but now I’m even more so!

  2. No one can more proud of these students as David and I are – they have risen and met every challenge they have faced with such skill. A huge THANK YOU and BRAVO from us!!!!

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