A Paranormal Question

Micah Sloat

Micah Sloat

Last month, “06880” broke the news that the star of “Paranormal Activity” — Micah Sloat — is a Staples grad.

Since then, the horror film — which makes “Blair Witch Project” look like “The Sound of Music” — has earned $62 million in North America alone.  Its take this weekend:  $22 million, slaughtering the “Saw” franchise to top the box office.

Which makes us wonder:  How come there is no buzz — absolutely no buzz at all — in town about our latest media sensation?

(PS:  If you’re wondering:  Yes, his grandfather was Sam Sloat, the stamp, coin and memorabilia store owner.)

4 responses to “A Paranormal Question

  1. interesting

  2. Paranormals keep a low profile, Dan…but check behind the observatory for a hidden entrance.

  3. It only took 13 k to make the movie, so over 61 mill profit.

  4. It’d have more buzz if we had a movie theater in town!