What’s 350?  According to scientists, the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Right now, our concentration is — ta da! — 390 parts per million.

This Saturday at 7 a.m., Westporters are invited to join the International Day of Climate Action.  A sunrise gathering at the Compo Beach cannons will help raise awareness of, and take a stand for, a safe climate future.

Bring blankets, chairs and musical instruments.  The Environmental Action Group at the Unitarian Church is supplying coffee.

Thankfully, no one needs gas masks.


(For more information, click here.)

A vision of the future?  (Photo copyright Peter Dennen, www.peterdennen.com)

A vision of the future? (Photo copyright Peter Dennen, http://www.peterdennen.com)

3 responses to “350

  1. This is actually not true. According to the actual research paper, the safe level of carbon dioxide is 415 plus or minus 75. So we’re below the midpoint.

    Also, nature doesn’t work that way. It’s not like when we suddenly pass 350 things change.

  2. Chip Stephens

    You and I were at Staples back in the early 70’s when the first Earth Day was celebrated led by the Bio teacher then Tom Foxall.
    The environment, the state of world pollution and the earth in general is in WAY better shape than it was 30 plus years ago when rivers actually burned and species were being wiped out yearly. There is still work to be done but…
    We have to salute all of those that have been working to make things better, have done great things to improve the environment and made a difference. We have to STOP the Al Gore we are all going to die attitude.. Guess what Al , the ozone hole has all but disappeared and the earth has natural climate cycles with or without humans just ask the dinosaurs.