Sketching The Sea

blog - beach sketch 1jpgArtist/illustrator/author Elaine Clayton went down to the Sound today.

The harsh weather moved her to poetry.  On her Illuminara blog she wrote:

We live near the beach and my favorite thing to say to the kids is, “What color is the sea today?” as we drive by the vista of the Long Island Sound.

Sometimes it’s bluer than even my idea of the color blue. But more often than not, it is almost colorless, it mystifies with a flat but willful pale nothing-color. Other times it is has a very faint root beer or brown milk chocolate tint. It can be lake green and it can be golden, too, “like buttah” heating up under the sun.

My favorite color of Compo Beach is in summer when it literally shimmers a glow of pale pearliness and the very air is luminescent pink. It is a truly magical thing to experience, it’s like the entire beach and the sky above it is in a prism, and you’re surrounded by a warm, enchanted aura.

Today, a very cold and metallic day at sea, the tide is high because we’re expecting a real nor’easter and I think the grey tone of the tide is changing every few minutes.

She also posted two sketches that matched her mood.  Thanks, Elaine, for sharing the Compo we love with the world!

blog - beach sketch 2

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  1. Thank you so much for posting my illuminara entry for today on your wonderful site! I am very touched.
    Thank you, thank you!