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Jessica Bram has moved on from her divorce.

Jessica Bram

Jessica Bram

The Westport writer and NPR commentator has been blogging insightfully — and often — about her split-up.  She called it “Happily Ever After Divorce,” and it was a neat tie-in to her book, Happily Ever After Divorce:  Notes of a Joyful Journey.

But stuff happens.  Jessica and her ex-husband long ago put aside their differences (working together on their son’s college applications either brings people together, or drives them to — well, divorce).

She is engaged to “a terrific guy with whom life is peaceful and full of affection.”

So she is changing direction.  No longer will she blog about divorce, 24/7/365.

Her new blog is simply “The Blog of Jessica Bram.”  She’ll write about things like the “huge (and I mean HUGE)” houses built on her quiet Westport street.  And (this one’s already up):  a recent Staples Inklings article, reporting on the tradition by which cheerleaders bake each week for Wrecker football players.

She’ll blog about her “mixed feelings about helping my youngest son Alex apply to colleges when the last thing I’m ready for is an empty nest.”

She’ll blog about politics.  Quitting The New York Times. What she learned from Frank McCourt (local angle:  she mentions her own Westport Writers’ Workshop).

Jessica is an insightful, engaging writer.  We welcome her new voice to the Westport — and world — blogosphere.

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