Stop, Thief!

Like many people, I read the Sunday New York Times when I can.  Despite the plunge in advertising, it’s still a formidable paper.

That’s why I didn’t see last Sunday’s Metropolitan section story on Westport until now.

This is not a drawing of the Westport bank robber

This is not a drawing of the Westport bank robber

The piece describes the upsurge in bank robberies along the “Gold Coast.”  It highlights a recent robbery at the TD Bank branch on Charles Street, across from Luciano Park.  The suspect drove away in a very “Gold Coast” black BMW.

Yet despite popular perception that the crime wave has roots in the bad economy, an FBI agent says no.  “We have yet to run into a guy who says, ‘I robbed a bank because my 401(k) tanked.”

Law enforcement authorities believe, however, that as banks become more user-friendly by lowering counters and acting real friendly — moves tied, no doubt, to the hits they’ve taken to their bottom lines and reputations — robbers notice.  And pounce.

And, the Times notes, in places like Westport, black BMWs still “blend in better than most getaway cars.”

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