Passion Parties – Yeah, They’re Pretty Much What You Think

This is a typical Passion Party. The photo was not, however, taken in Westport.

This is a typical Passion Party. The photo was not, however, taken in Westport.

Sandra Mejia is an independent contractor.  She organizes house parties where women chat, play games, and end up buying products.

“It’s like Tupperware, but with a twist,” Sandra explains.  “This is more fun.”

A lot more fun.

Sandra throws Passion Parties.  You could also — kids, leave the room right now! — call them Adult Toy Parties.

Sandra does not sell cereal storers or cupcake containers.  Her best-selling product is Pure Satisfaction Enhancement Gel.  “It warms things up, if you know what I mean,” she says.

We do.

Tupperware parties take care of one human need:  food.

Passion Parties — and she’s held more in Westport than she can count — take care of another.

Sandra Mejia

Sandra Mejia

“People wonder — they have misconceptions,” Sandra admits.  “But this is very tasteful.  We educate women.  They may not know about lotions, bath products or edibles.”  Or toys.

Her Westport parties attract the same type of women as her other affairs, throughout Connecticut and New York.  “It runs from the very innocent, to the women who are looking for something very sophisticated,” Sandra says.

Some women arrive at her parties hesitantly — wondering what friends or neighbors might think.  Others are raring to go.

The private home parties “take away the pressure of going to an adult store,” Sandra notes.  “And all the ordering is very confidential.”

Her parties follow a pattern.  She starts with bath products, and works her way up to, um, toys.  In between, games produce plenty of laughter — and, Sandra hopes, enough ease to sell sensual stuff.

Pure Satisfaction Enhancement Gel -- Sandra's best-selling product

Pure Satisfaction Enhancement Gel -- Sandra's best-selling product

Passion Parties are Sandra’s full-time work.  Despite tough economic times, her business has increased 70 percent recently.

“People may not spend money on restaurants or vacations,” she says.  “But they have their priorities straight, because they spend it on romance products.”

The next Westport Passion Party is October 10.  If you can’t wait until then, Sandra offers “06880” readers a 20 percent discount on online orders.  Click here, and use the coupon code “Westport.”

“06880”:  Serving Westport women’s romantic needs since 2009.

(For more information, click here.  You can also call 866-9LOVING, or email Sandra:

5 responses to “Passion Parties – Yeah, They’re Pretty Much What You Think

  1. Well, I agree 100% with was wrote.
    I am part of Sandra’s down line in the Passion Parties business, and I love it! It’s amazing how much the ladies are in need of our educational parties. Even being in the 21 Sec, the women still do not receive the sexual education that they deserve it, to have a better relationship and be happier in the sexual area.
    Sandra is a fantastic team leader and business coach if you are looking to have some fun, book a party with her, if you want make money and have a lots of fun! Become part of her team! I did, and I loved!

  2. Yes this Intimate Industry is booming! Couples are beginning to realize that the real cause of trouble in a marriage is indifference or ignorance on the subject of SEX…LOVE…and ROMANCE!
    The consultants and products Passion Parties offers are designed to enhance that special relationship and keep it red HOT!
    Contact Sandra to book your fun and educational event with your friends NOW!
    (age 18- up only please)…
    Out of work? Join her Team – so that YOU can experience the prosperity of owning YOUR own business and to share the products that will enhance any woman’s relationship…not to mention YOU will be sharing the philosophy of women helping women!

  3. This stuff is awesome.

    Like a little? Place and order.

    Like a lot? Book a party

    Love it all? Join our team!

  4. What a way to spend your evening with your BFFs! Lots of laughs, plenty of giggles, some education all wrapped up and delivered to your door for the best Passion Party in town. Call Sandra today…don’t wait. You won’te be sorry.

  5. Sandra is such a wonderful women! Her adult toys are one of a kind. I went to a passion party three months ago and it was one of the most incredible parties I have attended. The TOYS!!! So much variety. I personally enjoyed the vibrating “you know what.” It has so many features and it has a wonderful sensation- Girls….I recommend this one!

    Dan, you should really attend one if you haven’t! That goes to everyone else! Remember, 18+ only!