Food Safety

“06880” reader Ned Hardy writes:

“Since you’ve written so much about Double L Farm Stand, you might be interested to learn how they packed our purchases after our visit today.”

It’s safe to say, at Double L they treat your watermelon like it was their own kid.

(Photo by Ned Hardy)

(Photo by Ned Hardy)

3 responses to “Food Safety

  1. Years ago I was accidentally ran the light out at the Easton reservoir, was pulled over and got a warning for not wearing my seat belt. I did have a bushel basket of cauliflower seat belted into the the back seat thank god. It got to the farm stand safely. Thanks Ned.

  2. Since receiving all your hype about the “farm stand” I decided to try it. 2 sm/med tomatoes, 1 largish cucumber = $5.25. Very pricey. P.S. I’m unemployed and usually shop the brusied fruit at the back of Stop&Shop.

  3. Double L gladly passes along bruised fruit for a lesser price, check in with Lloyd next time!