You Must Remember These

Recent postings about DeRosa’s, Zaffronia and Zest prove that restaurants are born to die.

In Westport, it seems, the mortality is particularly high.

Long-time resident Jeff Strauss has compiled a list of local eateries that have gone to that Great Kitchen in the Sky.  Some are of recent vintage; others are as old as a fine wine.

Some spent years as Westport landmarks; others were here about as long as it takes to nuke popcorn.

All, however, deserve a spot on our list of local trivia.  At one time or other, every Westporter says “What was the name of that restaurant where…?”

Here’s Jeff’s list (augmented by a few of my own).  Click the “comment” link above or below this post to add the many places we’ve forgotten.

  • Clam Box300 Club
  • 540
  • Allen’s Clam House
  • Ann’s Suburban
  • Arrow
  • Arthur Avenue
  • Atticus Cafe
  • Axelrod’s Emporium
  • Beach House
  • Beethoven’s
  • Beefsteak Charlie’s
  • Big Top
  • Bistro
  • Bon Appetit
  • Bonanza Steak Pit
  • Bunyan’s
  • Burger King
  • Cafe Barna
  • Cafe Christada
  • Cafe de la Plage
  • Canterbury
  • CarrolsCarrol’s
  • Chef’s Table
  • Chez Pierre
  • Chubby Lane’s
  • Christo’s
  • Clam Box
  • Clementi’s
  • Compo Acres Luncheonette
  • Compo Inn
  • Connelly’s
  • Crest
  • Crossroads
  • Dairy Queen
  • Damian’s
  • DeRosa’s Firehouse Pizza
  • Elwood Diner
  • blog - John HarvardEvergreen
  • Fat John’s
  • Friendly’s
  • Fuddruckers
  • Galleria
  • Glynn’s
  • Golden House
  • Golden Dragon
  • Henry’s
  • Holly’s
  • Ice Cream Parlor
  • International House of Pancakes
  • Jockey Club
  • John Harvard’s
  • L’Auberge
  • Manero'sLa Bibliotheque
  • La Normandie
  • La Sierra
  • Le Chambord
  • Love and Serve
  • Manero’s
  • Masters Sports Ba
  • Matthew’s
  • Miramar
  • Mongolian Grill
  • Mooring
  • Mr. Sandwich
  • Muriel’s
  • Ocean House
  • Oliver’s
  • Onion Alley
  • Pal Joey
  • Pancho Villa’s
  • Panda Pavilion
  • Pane Vino
  • Pearl’s
  • Peking Inn
  • PeppermillPeppermill
  • Philippe’s Le Chateau
  • Pickle Barrel
  • Player’s Tavern
  • Polo
  • Pompano Grill
  • Pumpernickel Pub
  • Red Galleon
  • River Grill
  • Riverside
  • Rocco’s
  • Roy Rogers
  • S&M Pizza
  • Serendipity
  • Ship’s
  • Ship’s TakeoutPane Vino
  • Sol e Luna
  • Soup’s On
  • Sportsmen Cafe
  • Spyglass
  • Steak and Brew
  • Stefano’s
  • Tacos or What?
  • Tanglewoods
  • The Place for Ribs
  • Three Bears
  • Tin Whistle
  • Town Squire
  • Townley
  • Werner’s
  • West Lake
  • West Tuck
  • Westnor Diner
  • blog - DQWorld of Weiners
  • Ye Olde Bridge Grille
  • Zanghi’s
  • Zaro’s

44 responses to “You Must Remember These

  1. My first place of employment: The Carriage House.

    And of course, Axelrod’s Emporium (my second place of employment) became the Treehouse Cafe and Comedy Club.

  2. What was the name of the deli next to Arnies Place?

  3. Tiburon?

  4. Conte’s?

  5. Nancy Stewart

    What was the name of the grill at Longshore?

  6. Viva Zapata’s not there anymore, is it?

  7. What was the name of the French restaurant where Inn at National Hall is located?

    What about Katzenberg’s deli?

    Is Stefano’s, Chez Stefano’s?

  8. John McCarthy

    Grass Roots

  9. Two of the latest Zest and Martha’s and some ancient history Tony’s 52nd street, Club Grille, Charpentiers and two include lunch places Bill’s, Colgans and McClellans (when located on Main Street) John I believe the restaurant at the Inn was Zanghi

  10. That list sure brings back memories. We used to go to the Clam Box weekly. At a function I attended last year in Arizona, I met a woman and started chatting. She was from CT,but from a neighboring town. She said “We used to own a business in Westport, though”. When I asked what – she replied “The Big Top”! (my favorite HS hangout)! What about Oscar’s Deli?

  11. What about Brueggers Bagels where Arcudi’s is now?

  12. Bill Scheffler

    Great stuff, Dan and Jeff. Thanks. Some additional:

    The Penquin served food, didn’t it? Among other things?
    The Bantam, I think in the Chubby Lane’s space
    McCormack’s, Post Road
    Jolly Fisherman, Post Road
    Is Mario’s, 36 Railroad Place, on the list?
    Sherwood Diner, 901 Post Road East
    Westover Inn, Post Road west, now condos
    White Birch, in the old John’s Best building
    Wayfarer, W’port-Norwalk town line
    Stage Door, Post Road, Greens Farms
    Greyhound Post House, where the Peppermill is
    Copper Kettle Tea Room, Colonial Green
    Friendly Hearth, near Compo Shopping Center
    Sahib, 610 Post Road East
    Hidden Door, in the “new bank building” back when postcard stamps cost 2 cents

    • Great list, Bill. Many of those places I’ve never heard of. And you’ve only got a few years on me.

      Can’t include Mario’s and the Sherwood Diner, though. They’re still very much alive!

  13. connelly’s had the best salad bar in town; along with a great Reuben

  14. john harvard had great kid’s desserts at a very nice price

  15. derosa’ firehouse pizza had a great spinach salad!!!!

  16. LTWestporter

    Fore n Aft. It was where Ed Mitchells is now. Twisted Sister played there a few times when they were still on the bar curcuit, late 70’s.

  17. Amadeo’s on the Post Road?

    Deli next to Arnie’s Place was the International Deli, also owned and run by Arnie Kay

  18. EJ’s in the Compo Shopping center was a great place- awesome grilled cheese!

    Paisano’s in the Shaw’s shopping center is another defunct place

  19. Post Corner Pizza, next to Blockbuster, aka Lloyd’s Lumber

  20. Leongs was in the same spot that post cornet pizza was. Did grassroots serve food?

  21. What about the deli on the east side of the bridge, next to the curio shop, Persian rug store, and science/hobby store? I can see it, smell it, and taste it, but I can’t remember the name…

    Also, Firehouse pizze near the Nat’l Inn.

    Which locations had the most turnover? I think that list would include the restaurant space across from DaPietro and the building that now houses WilliamRaveis.

    • Firehouse pizza is on the list already (DeRosa’s Firehouse Pizza). As for “most turnover”: Don’t count out all the restaurants across from the old Toys R Us (currently Pho Mekong, a very good Vietnamese place).

    • Part 2: You’re thinking of Art’s Deli.

      • Thanks – how could I have forgotten? Certainly the thickest deli sandwiches I’ve ever had.

  22. Cathy Burnett

    Beethoven’s (near the old Greens Farms Booksstore) which was also once Serendipty’s. And my all time favorite the pink “Ice Cream Parlor” right on Post Road accross from the old Sam Goody’s.

  23. Cathy Burnett

    Whoops – I got too excited – I see they are already listed.

  24. Wendy Crowther

    Grass Roots DID serve some light food. I remember being there listening to a solo folk singer with a guitar in the 70’s – playing Joni Mitchell tunes among others. I ordered some sort of cheese plate. I think they did salads and breads too.

    Also, the Cafe Christada mentioned in the list was actually named Cafe Christina. It was on the northwest corner of Post Rd. and Main but then moved to the Westport Inn where it also failed.

    No one mentioned Boston Chicken – it was in the Trader Joe’s strip.

  25. Dan, what about Zaffronia Grill, which you did a piece about after it closed?

  26. Don’t forget Josiah’s, up on the Post Rd in a strip by a movie theater? My husband and I met there in line to go to the bathroom.

  27. What about Pizza Brew, where Ed Mitchells is now?

  28. What about Barna’s? Anybody remember that one? I think it was on land now covered by Mitchell’s. A friends alcoholic father spent a lot of time there.

    Somebody mentioned the Ice Cream Parlor I remember two locations: Chez Pierre, now Tavern on Main (still with us yeah!) and a spot on the post road opposite what’s now Playhouse Square. I don’t remember it near Mitchell’s, but then I was gone for 25 years.

    • It’s on my list (under Cafe Barna).

      The Ice Cream Parlor’s middle location was at the end of Compo Shopping Center — underneath the offices, closest to the Humane Society. The space is now occupied by Cohen’s Optical.

  29. I don’t see Bill’s Smoke Shop — first location where Wspt Pizzeria is now, second across the street. In the Brooks Corner? Breakfast and lunch at the counter.

    • Great call. I used to eat there when I was the sports editor of the Westport News.

    • Actually, Bill’s first location was across the street from Wspt Pizzeria. It was a small stand that sat at the corner and sold papers, cigarettes, hot dogs, etc.

  30. what about rosebuds and mackenzies in parker harding, and the danish hearth, i couldn;t have survived the ice storm of ’73 without that one
    and there was a crepe restaurant before glynn’s
    was that the one that was there when they painted the building bright orange? the silver moon cafe where la villa is now. i think there was a cafe cristada-briefly after atticus?

  31. Michael Pettee, from St. Paul MN, added The Thunderbird.

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