No one eats like a teenager.

So who better to blog about food than 4 teens?

A quartet of recent Staples grads — Jordan Kessler, Sanders McNair, Frankie Rende and Stephen Revelli — have collaborated on FCFoodBytes, a clever name for a clever concept.  They stick mainly to what they know — cheap eats — and they do it in zesty, readable prose.

Best line:

I examined the sandwich I was eating (at Fairfield’s Falafel Inn), and noticed that the inside of the falafel balls was green.  I don’t know if this is normal or not, so I dove right in and enjoyed my first bite.

“We were thinking of places we hadn’t eaten at, and wrote down everywhere we wanted to try for our last summer before college,” Sanders explains.  “Blogging seemed like a cool idea.”

They scoped out the competition, found no one reviewing small restaurants, and voilà — a blog was born.

The FCFoodBytes boys have already reviewed 6 places, including the granddaddy of cheap eats:  Rawley’s Drive-In in Fairfield.  But though the 4 guys are Staples grads, only 1 Westport spot has been reviewed.  It’s The Dressing Room — hardly Exhibit A for budget dining.

That may say a lot about cheap eats in FCFoodBytes’ home town.

Or else the bloggers have taken to heart the old adage about not doing you-know-what where you eat.

An identified dish from Rawley's Drive-In, as shown on

An identified dish from Rawley's Drive-In, as shown on

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