Fast Food Nation

Arby's - Westport CT

When town officials decided to suspend enforcement of a ban on stand-alone signs, they thought it might help local businesses in a slumping economy.

Arby’s saw it as a way to make Westport look like Long Island.  Or worse.

The fast food restaurant– which, to my knowledge, no Westporter has ever visited — threw up 7 medium-size signs, 3 large pennants and 1 enormous banner, then added Mylar balloons.  All advertise free regular Sidekickers (whatever they are) on Wednesdays.

A great deal, huh?  Be sure to read the fine print (though it’s invisible in the photo above):  “With sandwich purchase.”

I can’t decide which is more offensive:  Arby’s advertising, or how many signs they use to do it.

2 responses to “Fast Food Nation

  1. Now Westport is part of America

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