Wild Wild Westport

A local company sent this email to employees yesterday:

“Please exercise extra caution when walking through the parking lot, and in the general neighborhood.

“Coyotes have been spotted in the parking lot, with one seen moving between cars this past Saturday.  We’ve also been advised that packs have been spotted late at night in the parking lot and on Saugatuck Avenue.

“Although coyotes typically will not bother humans, we understand a few years back an employee walking through the woods from the Westport train station was chased by a coyote.  If you are followed by a coyote, it is advised that you yell and raise your hands to scare the animal off.”

Let’s hope that strategy is more effective than whatever has not been working on deer and Canada geese.


One response to “Wild Wild Westport

  1. Really?
    Coyotes traveling in packs and chasing adult humans?
    I guess this would only happen in Westport.

    Chances are that these coyotes are pretty well fed (there’s lots of small mammals to dine on in urban CT). They rarely travel in packs (that’s more wolfish). And I’m pretty sure that they don’t like to stalk humans in parking lots.

    But it does make a good scary story…
    I just hope nobody deems them as varmin and starts shooting.

    What would the neighbors think?