Dating A Guy With A Yarmulke

Amy Schwarz

I’m still not sure what this play is about.  But I’d go just because of the title.

Writer Amy Holson-Schwartz — a 2002 Staples grad — submitted it for a Theater Resources Unlimited table reading.

There were 40 entries.  TRU picked 3 — including “Yarmulke.”

The reading takes place Monday (7 p.m., Players Theatre, 115 MacDougal Street, New York).  Then comes a “lively and honest discussion” about the work, with a panel of prominent producers and general managers.  One of the panelists specializes in “Jewish-themed presentations.”  Who knew?

Next stop:  Los Angeles.  “Yarmulke” may be produced there in the fall.

Amy follows in her mother’s footsteps.  Former Westporter Nancy Holson is well known for her crowd-pleasing First Night satire “The News in Revue.”

One more Westport connection:  Marc Bailin, who’s helping put on the show, grew up here.  He still lives nearby.

(Seats for Monday’s reading are free, but limited.  Reservations are required:  212-475-1447.  For more information, click here.

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