33 Scholars — And Athletes

How come ice hockey is the only sport in which fighting is allowed?

What was the most challenging call you’ve ever been on as an EMT?

Your favorite school subjects are physics and English.  Is there any connection between the two?

Those are not typical things heard at a sports banquet.  Then again, Staples’ Scholar-Athlete dinner is not a typical sports banquet.

The event — this year’s 8th annual is set for Sunday, June 7 (Continental Manor in Norwalk, 5 p.m.) — is like nothing you’ve ever seen.  One senior from every varsity sport — 33 in all — is honored for academic and athletic excellence.  Then the fun begins.

Staples athletes are well known for also using their heads.

Staples athletes are well known for also using their heads.

Each scholar-athlete is asked one question.  It can be about his or her sports career, academic interests or extracurricular activities.

It’s not about “nailing” the scholar-athletes, or making them uncomfortable.  The idea is to show off their spectacular range of talents, tremendous accomplishments — and poise.

Past attendees have called Staples’ Scholar-Athlete banquet the most intriguing dinner they’ve been to.  They’re awed by the young men and women — and entertained, educated and inspired by their responses.

They can’t believe the event passes so quickly.  It’s over before the sun sets.

There’s not a lot of hemming and hawing.  The 33 teenagers can think on their feet.  That’s why they’re scholars — and athletes.

You’re playing football at Yale next year.  What’s the best thing about Ivy League athletics — and the worst?

You overcame diabetes.  How did you do it?

Besides water polo, you love your music courses.  If you had to write a song about your team, what would you say?

[The public is encouraged to attend.  Click here for ticket information.)

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