Gimme Shelter

We see them standing forlornly along the Post Road, at most hours of the day and in every type of weather.  They’re the men and women who work in our stores, our yards, our homes — and whose only transportation is the Coastal Link bus.

No, that’s wrong.  We don’t really see them.  We stare right past them.

Otherwise, we’d have done something to protect them long ago.  Right now the only shelter is on Bulkeley Avenue South, a bit off the Post Road.  It was built a couple of years ago, courtesy of the Rotary Club.

A year ago, Westport’s Human Services Commission recognized the need for more bus shelters.  But as with most things governmental, a good idea was no match for rules and regulations.  There were applications to fill out, issues of jurisdiction,  insurance questions to answer.

Steven Hill, director of finance and administrative services for the Norwalk Transit District — the entity that operates Westport’s bus service — was key to making things happen.

The planned shelter — in front of Stop & Shop, where many bus riders gather — is on a state right-of-way, adding several layers of bureaucracy.  At last, all parties have agreed.  The town of Westport will pour concrete for the base of the shelter in early June.  It will be finished soon after.

That’s one shelter, out of many that are needed.  Barbara Butler, Human Services director, promises to work on others.

Next month, look for Westport’s newest bus shelter.  And while you’re at it, keep an eye out for the men and women who use it too.

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One response to “Gimme Shelter

  1. I’m so glad you wrote about this Dan. I was just thinking yesterday when I was at Stop & Shop that we need more bus shelters.