It’s A Wrap

Pat Micinilio

Most students fear a trip to the assistant principal’s office.

But all day today, students streamed in to see Pat Micinilio at Staples.

The attraction was a senior prank.  A group of 12th graders had turned his office into a tin foil wonderland.  It was everywhere:  his desk, his computer, his tchotchkes.  Even the candies he keeps in a bowl were individually foil-wrapped.

Many seniors head off next week for 4-week internships, so this is their last week of classes.  Before leaving, the tin-foil gang left their assistant principal a loving note.   They thanked him profusely for all he has done for them — and noted that this was a fitting way to “wrap” up their time with him.

It was the only part of his office they did not touch.

4 responses to “It’s A Wrap

  1. not very green

  2. Caroline R

    actually very green seeing as it all can and will be recycled.

  3. One positive note was that I heard the “prankee” was pleased with the non-destructive nature of the the prank and the nice note. Congrats to the Seniors for thinking this one out!

  4. Weak compared to pranks of ’86 & ’87. Above ground swimming pools in the South Courtyard in ’86, or when 25 members of the class of ’87 scaled the walls of the school in the middle of the night and pitched tents, turning the South Courtyard into a campground. Now that’s a prank!