Communication Twilight Zones

If you’ve got any kind of soundwave-operated device, you know what happens.

At certain areas in town — King’s Highway South; South Compo near the Post Road;  Green’s Farms Road between Hillspoint and the Connector; Hillspoint near the old elementary school — all communication vanishes.

Cell phones (no matter what your carrier); Sirius XM satellite — it’s all the same.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.

“They’re voodoo dead spots,” one Westporter says.  “I don’t think any other town has as many as Westport.  It’s creepy.”

Rod Serling once lived here.  If he still did — heck, if he still lived, period — he’d recognize Westport’s Twilight Zone.

Westport's Twilight Zone

One response to “Communication Twilight Zones

  1. I think Darien has more and larger dead spots, despite being a physically smaller town