Collaborating To Save ‘Collab’

Elliott Landon’s decision to spare “Collab” — the popular and innovative sophomore Staples course that emphasizes critical thinking and cross-discipline analysis — is not about political theater.

Nor is it about giving in to pressure.

It’s about students believing in something that has value, then believing in themselves enough to stand up for it.

Staples High SchoolMost of the Stapleites who spoke against cutting “Collab” had nothing to gain from it.  They’re done with the course.

But they wanted their younger siblings and friends — as well as students they don’t even know — to have the chance at an educational experience they felt was worthwhile and good.

It’s interesting that “Collab” is a joint venture between the English and social studies departments.  Perhaps in that very class these young people learned to research an issue, analyze it from all sides, take a position, express themselves clearly, and affect change.

Congratulations to them on a truly “collaborative” effort.

2 responses to “Collaborating To Save ‘Collab’

  1. Paul Greenberg

    There is no question that Colab had a huge positive influence on my daughter Susan to help mobilize the community to save the course and other Staples activities.