Another Very Important Driver

So you’re parked in front of Robeks, and now it’s time to leave.

Smoothie in hand, you look ahead.  There’s that bothersome little right-turn-only in front of Trader Joe’s; you’ll either make an awkward 3-point maneuver and wait for the light, or zip around behind Wachovia bank and exit there.

But not if you are a Very Important Westport Driver.  If you are he, then today you can simply drive left — over the sidewalk — and zoom into the Post Road directly from your parking spot!

And if the eastbound driver on the Post Road is surprised by this unorthodox maneuver, and swerves to avoid you?

Well, you can just give him the one-finger wave, can’t you?

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10 responses to “Another Very Important Driver

  1. TOM Feeley

    FAB MOVE !
    THANKS Dan,
    When I go to Silver’s, I’m parking out front from now on.

  2. Elisabeth Keane

    Then there was the Very Important Driver last summer who came down the hill past the Humane Society approaching the light at Trader Joe’s at warp speed. He barely slowed down before making a U-turn in front of Trader Joe’s exit lane and speeding back up the hill.

  3. Elisabeth Keane

    I failed to mention that the light was green for Post Road traffic so he made the U-turn in three lanes of moving traffic, having been in the westbound right hand lane to begin with.

    • Well, why were all those other drivers using the Post Road, when clearly this guy had a Very Important U-turn to make? How selfish of them!

  4. Rich Stein

    Ahhh…my favorite most recent VIP of Westport…was a gentlemen who in his lovely SAAB was driving the wrong way down Main Street…. where he wanted to continue….but I as the car he had to pass would not let him and forced him to turn around and proceed in the correct direction…..It was so pleasurable to see him all mad and grumbling that someone actually took responsibility to his moronic actions.

  5. Linda Smith

    My husband and I still remember the first summer we were back in Westport and had kept our NJ insurance because the year wasn’t up. So we bought a much-more-expensive beach pass even though we owned our Westport house. (Setting up story so you know our initiation into 1993 Westport Very Important Drivers.) We were leaving Compo Beach at a normal rate of speed when a VID roared past us on the right side of the narrow access road and yelled out his window, “Go back to New Jersey!” Uh, I’d grown up here when he was probably diapers, but we just laughed and knew that he obviously was a rude newcomer! Better term is VID.

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