Blogging Down The Highway

If John Steinbeck were writing Travels With Charley today — not 50 years ago — he’d have a Honda Acura, not a camper; 2 dogs, not 1. And instead of waiting a couple of years to publish his observations, he’d blog them daily.

The result would be “Fred and Hank Mark America,” an addictive daily chronicle of Jim and Joan Brady’s cross-country journey with their beagles (Fred and Hank). Jim is the former editor of; Joan is a very talented photographer and foster care activist who serves as a perfect complement to her husband.

Joan BradyLocal angle alert:  She is also the former Joan Robins, of Coleytown Junior High and Staples (’82) fame.

The Bradys’ blog is required reading in the media world.  It’s even been mentioned by uber-blogger Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic.

The tip about “Frank and Hank” came from Mark Potts — co-founder of, a talented blogger himself (“Recovering Journalist” tracks the travails of the industry), and a former Westporter.

In the blogosphere — as the rest of life — Westporters are separated by far fewer than 6 degrees.  More like 2.

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