Sign Of The Times

Winslow Park, Westport Connecticut

“No Trespassing” signs are not unusual in not-in-my-backyard Westport.

What makes this one noteworthy is that it’s posted in the back of the Westport Country Playhouse parking lot — one of the best ways to get to Winslow Park.

Winslow Park, as in “town park.”  We own it.

Can someone please explain how we can trespass on our own property?

2 responses to “Sign Of The Times

  1. that’s gotta be a joke, right? When I spent my summer as an apprentice at the playhouse we were told to tell dog owners not to park in our lot, but that was only after 5 o’clock. This is just kinda funny

  2. Linda Gramatky Smith

    Hope you’ll do a followup when you find out the answer to your good question!