Ronemus Rewards

Congratulations, Mike and Kim Ronemus.  Next Monday you’ll receive a Connecticut Preservation Award from the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, for your tremendous efforts restoring the long-decrepit house, barn and outbuildings at 113 Cross Highway to their former glory.

Congratulations too for persevering through that preservation. It was lengthy; it was contentious — and it almost didn’t happen.

The town’s tortuous zoning regulations almost tripped you up.  You had to leap through more hoops than Shamu at SeaWorld, every tiny step of the way.

Thank you for your patience.  Thanks too for the love, respect, devotion, care, attention to detail — and more than a little bit of money — you lavished on this historic property.  May your example inspire others in town to do the same.

And may your trailblazing through the thickets of bureaucracy create a path that is somewhat smoother for those who follow.  That may be your biggest gift of all.

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