Uptick Time?

For every sign the economy is still sagging — the New York Times reports that an uptick in vasectomies means families are hesitant to grow (or else men want snippage before their insurance runs out) — another says hard times may be easing.

Take bread and cake sales.

A Westport bakery owner says that until 3 weeks ago, business was off 15 percent from last year.  That’s not as bad as many stores, he knows, but it’s still a substantial downturn.

Lately though, he’s noticed an increase.  And Passover and Easter orders were even higher than last year.

He’s not sure the upturn will last.  Interestingly too, if this week’s business is off, it might be a positive sign.

This is school vacation.  Strong sales may mean more people are staying home — bad.  If sales fall, perhaps they’re away — that’s good.

So in a perverse way, let’s hope business tanks this week.  And then rebounds spectacularly on Monday.

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