Belief Systems

Happy Easter!

And a belated Happy Passover, too.

Speaking of God, Inklings — the Staples newspaper — recently examined students’ views on religion. Though a survey found far more casual or non-believers than devout students, I was struck by many conversations that same day.

I asked a variety of Stapleites — with a broad range of groups and interests — about their Passover and Easter plans.

Many spoke of services, Seders and spending quality time with family.  They looked forward to nourishing their spiritual sides (along with their stomachs), and discussed the holidays with eagerness and joy.

I enter  synagogues and churches rarely — for weddings, funerals and youth group tag sales.  But I am well aware that one day, in an afterlife or next world I don’t believe in, I may get a rude awakening.  And I am glad that so many students today are thinking hard about their beliefs, trying to figure out where they (and I) fit in this amazing universe.

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