You Be The Judge

A discussion I had yesterday with a Westport  friend soon turned into a bet:

Is it better to keep a Netflix movie for an absurdly long time — say, 6 months — if you think you might watch it someday, or should you send it back because you probably won’t?

One side said:  “How selfish can you be?”

The other side argued that keeping it is actually better, because  it reduces shipping and sorting costs for Netflix, as well as all the energy it takes to transport each DVD back and forth.

“06880” readers:  You be the judge.  Payment for an actual movie is on the line.  Though of course we’ll have to leave Westport to find one.

2 responses to “You Be The Judge

  1. Keep it as long as you want – that’s the point! It’s not like your copy is the only copy in circulation.

    FWIW, Netflix does tag the high-velocity returners, slowing the shipments of high demand vid requests.

    FWIW also I return something if I’ve had it a month and haven’t watched.

    Finally, I am curious if other Netflix addicts like myself have noticed longer “lines” for new releases. Methinks they are watching inventory more closely at Netflix.

  2. Don Willmott

    Netflix certainly hopes you’ll hold onto movie for six months. That’s how they make money. It’s like joining a gym and then never going.