Bike Shop Blues

It’s hard to imagine a business better suited to today’s save-money, save-the-earth ethos than a bike shop.  Its product is relatively inexpensive, easily maintained, environmentally vital, and it appeals to all ages.

So why — with prime biking season near — did Westport Bicycles go out of business?

The store — despite its broad selection, knowledgeable staff and superb service — is no more.  Not long ago it hummed; now it’s just another empty storefront, not far from similarly shuttered Shaw’s, Totally Kool — and Curran Cadillac.

First a car dealer; now a bike shop.  Soon we won’t have any place to buy wheels to get to the stores that are not open, anyway.

3 responses to “Bike Shop Blues

  1. Rob, who also owns Greenwich Bikes, told me that the store was not very profitable in the past few years and clearly the recession was the last straw. His store in Greenwich is still open. Westport Bikes has been closed for at least a couple of months. Unfortunately, a bike shop is a really tough business with razor thin margins.

    Cycle Dynamics and Target Training are still open, however….

  2. THANKS for the added info!

  3. I might recommend Smart Cycles over on strawberry hill ave. in Norwalk. I’ve worked there in the summer for the past couple of years and will – any bias aside- say that it is the best bicycle shop in fairfield county.