Westport Bag Ladies (And Men)

Remember life — not long ago — when we smoked in theaters, doctors’ offices and planes?

The happy times when dogs did their business anywhere, and we walked away?  Or when builders and manufacturers liberally used asbestos — the miracle mineral — because of its sound absorption qualities and tensile strength?

Those were the days!

Westport just entered another new era.  As of today, plastic bags are outlawed at every retail store in town.  From Super Stop & Shop to Whole Foods — and every deli, hardware store and the one book store in between — we now have a choice: paper or our personal recyclable tote.

Will it take getting used to?  Sure.  Over the past few months I’ve forgotten my cute Westport Library cloth bag more times than I remember it.  And I had to learn a whole new way of carrying paper bags by the handles, not smushing all the plastic ones together.

But this old dog learns new tricks.  And soon — quicker than you can say “asbestosis!” — we’ll forget all about plastic bags. 

Then  suddenly one day, at Stew’s or Athena Diner, we’ll get our milk or takeout order in a plastic bag. 

And we’ll stare at it with the same disgust we give dog doo on our lawn.

2 responses to “Westport Bag Ladies (And Men)

  1. I think it’s great that Westport is leading the way! However, if all places follow, I will have to buy bags to pick up my dogs poo!

  2. Save the trees! Save the trees! What about all the poor trees that will be destroyed. So, now we’re saving the plastic trees instead of the real paper trees? Save the trees! Save the trees! What about all the squirrels? Where will they live now? Save the trees!