Announcing A Foolproof Method To Raise All The Revenue Westport Needs

Assign one cop per shift — 24/7/365 — to ticket anyone seen driving while talking on a cellphone.

No exceptions; no excuses.

We’d be the wealthiest town in the world.

4 responses to “Announcing A Foolproof Method To Raise All The Revenue Westport Needs

  1. Jonas Shapiro

    Excellent plan. I have never seen more people talking on their cell phones while driving in a 10 mile radius in my life. Yesterday I actually saw a woman driving a huge tank of a car take her hand off the wheel to wave thank you to another driver for letting her turn into Sconset Square while keeping her other hand on her cell phone and proceed to lose control of her car and drive into the embankment! I guess at least she waved thanks…..

  2. Chip Stephens

    Add to that anyone driving over the SPEED limit, which is 25-35 most anywhere in town. We would not have to pay taxes with all the income on that addition.
    The Post Road is a drag strip even going through downtown. And putting an officer in front of Saugatuck El on Riverside Ave.: KA-Ching!

  3. The revenue impact after the first few months would diminish once everyone figured out the law would be enforced. But it would definately make the town roadways a lot safer. Here here!