Wearin’ The Green, And Every Other Color

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Sure, and it’s a grand day to be Irish.

I coach the Staples boys varsity soccer team.  Three years ago we were lucky to land Ross McGibney from Dublin, and a fine lad he is.

We don’t have any Irish players now — more’s the pity — but we do have boys from all over the world.  Of our 68 athletes last fall, 18 had at least one parent born in another country — or were born there themselves.

They came from Belgium, China, Colombia, Denmark, England, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey and Vietnam.

The stereotype is that everyone in Westport is cut from the same cloth.  If you really think that, you might believe in leprechauns too.

2 responses to “Wearin’ The Green, And Every Other Color

  1. Dan,

    These people sure saw a Leprechaun!!!