Tear Down That House!

It took nearly 3 months, but one of Westport’s most cherished traditions is back.

WestportNow.com, whose editors as recently as last year suffered carpal tunnel syndrome posting photos of house teardowns, was strangely quiet lately.  All across town, bulldozers fell silent.  Earthmovers never moved.  Cape Cods, Colonials, historically significant masterpieces — all remained intact.

For months residents drove past the same streetscapes they always saw.  We forgot the thrill of watching a perfectly fine home be pulverized before noon, memories and mansards vanishing together into the maw of progress.

So imagine my joy yesterday when WestportNow.com showed The First Demolition of a Westport House in 2009.  Bluewater Hill — that exclusive beachside enclave of expensive homes — was the lucky location.  Unfortunately this was not a lovely new construction, nor the dearest piece of property — built in 1954, it was purchased last August for a mere $2,225,000 — but after such a long demolition-less streak, I was elated to see any old house destroyed.

With any luck we’ll soon be back in the pre-meltdown/teardown swing of things — and not a moment too soon.  The last thing Westport needs is a housing destruction crisis.

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