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Memorializing Tania Long

Today, Westport honors our veterans.

After the Memorial Day parade there will be speeches across from Town Hall.  A wreath will be laid; “Taps” will echo.

If your MO is to bolt as soon as your Little Leaguer or Brownie marches by — try something different.  Stay; head over to the ceremony.  It’s the least you can do to honor those who served our country.

You’ll be inspired — and so will your kids.

Tania Long

On Veterans Green, check out the World War II memorial.  Read the names of hundreds of Westporters.  Think about what they — and so many others in town — sacrificed, so we can watch a parade, have a picnic, enjoy ourselves.

I don’t know whether “Tania Long” is on that list.   She was a war correspondent for the New York Times.

But look at her photo — she’s in uniform.   The picture was taken in London on February 1, 1943.

“06880” reader Charlie Taylor spotted this on the National Archives website.  It lists her hometown:  Westport, Conn.

I have never heard Tania Long’s name before.  I don’t know anything about her life here — if she went to Staples; what she wrote; whether she came back to Westport after the war.

Or if she came back anywhere.

I don’t know Tania Long at all.  But today is her day, as much as every veteran’s.

I’ll be thinking of her.

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