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Worst. Aunt. Ever. (The Sequel)

The bizarre, sad story — about an aunt suing for $127,000 in damages, after an 8-year-old boy jumped excitedly into her arms and broke her wrist — started this morning with the Westport News. It got some traction on “06880.” From there it spread to the New York Post. Reddit. Gawker.

And tonight, ABC’s World News Tonight.


Finally, the story comes its (thankfully) logical conclusion.

This afternoon in Bridgeport Superior Court, a 6-person jury took 25 minutes to tell Jennifer Connell: Go back to your 3rd-floor walkup in Manhattan  — the one that is so difficult to get to, what with a broken wrist and all.

And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

(To see tonight’s ABC News report, click here.)