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Workers Of Westport

“06880” readers love Rowene Weems’ photos. She has a keen eye for the beauty of our town. Springtime flowers, beach sunsets, Levitt Pavilion, the Longshore skating rink — her camera and composition make those scenes come alive in special and compelling ways.

Rowene also has a great eye for people. As she travels around town, she captures some of the men and women who work — mostly unseen — to make Westport what it is.

She does not know their back stories. She tries not to interrupt too much. A woman once chastised Rowene for taking photos of workers on her property. “Time is money!” she said.

All these photos are from this spring. They’re part of a book she’s creating about workers everywhere, from her travels around the US and world.

“COVID really intensified my intention to celebrate workers,” Rowene says. “They are often under-appreciated, but we needed them then more than ever.”

Today, let’s appreciate them anew.

(All photos/Rowene Weems Photography)

Westport Works

Like many Westporters, Rowene Weems enjoys walking downtown, and in her Old Hill neighborhood, during these beautiful spring days.

A professional photographer, she was intrigued by the bright faces and smiles on so many workers. 

Most of us notice these men and women who help make our town work — but we don’t really see them. Rowene captures them for us, with beauty and grace.

(All photos/Rowene Weems Photography)