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Photo Challenge #432

For quite a while, drivers stuck at the Post Road light just before McDonald’s have had time to look at — and wonder and worry about — the wood pile in the once-vacant lot just east of Roseville Road.

There are lots of logs. Though they look precarious, they’re stored there safely by tree service owner Bert Porzio. (That has not stopped ongoing efforts by the town, to try to remove them.)

Recently, there was a new addition: a large bear, carved out of wood.

There are many like it at the BP gas station a couple of miles toward Southport, next to Maple Avenue.

This one found its way to the lot, where it towers over yet-uncarved wood.

No one knows how it got there, or why.

But David Meth, Dan Vener, Michael Calise, Molly Alger, Johanna Keyser Rossi, Seth Schachter, Pat Saviano, Heidi Cornish McGee, Michael Simso, Kate Caputo Squyres, Arthur Hayes, Robert Mitchell, Michael Szoto, Amy Schneider, Rick Benson, Seth Braunstein, Micil Ryan, Carolyn Wilkinson, Jo Kirsch, Berna Merih, Mark Soboslai and Janice Strizever are among the many readers who nailed the most recent “06880” Photo Challenge.

This week’s challenge is metallic. If you know where in Westport you would see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Susan Leone)