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Winnebago No-Go

A longtime Westporter who owns property in Saugatuck writes:

Recently, new tenants moved into an apartment building on Franklin Street. But one of their family members live in a Winnebago parked on the street!

I don’t think a narrow 1-way side street is a good parking spot  for something the size of a NYC apartment. And it seems like this could be a permanent fixture.

One view of the Franklin Avenue Winnebago...

One view of the Franklin Avenue Winnebago…

I called the police. They say they can’t help me, as long as it is moved every day.

Yes, they move it: forward one day, and back the next. It has not moved away from in front of the apartment for over 2 weeks now.

I called the town to see if there was any noise ordinance for the constant running of the generator. Of course, the answer was no.

Franklin Avenue front

This thing is a definite eyesore. It blocks the view of traffic on this tiny but very busy road. It’s probably a safety issue if there was a fire. And did I mention someone is living in it?

I can’t believe our town would allow something like this to go on. What is setting us apart from a Walmart parking lot?