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Railroad Station Coffee Changes

Breno Donatti — owner of Winfield Street Coffee — asked “06880” to pass this message on to readers. As with everything Winfield- related, it’s crafted with love and care.

In January of 2016 Joe Bonaiuto, owner of Bonjo Coffee Roasters, contacted me about taking over his shop at 54 Railroad Place. He wanted to focus on his wholesale business, and didn’t think a retail store was advancing his company.

I thought the location was perfect for us. Our deli was just a mile away. and we could quickly expand our business by providing Westport commuters with hot coffee and breakfast sandwiches.

It was a quick negotiation. We signed the lease, got our health permit, and we were open within a couple of weeks.

Pouring coffee for commuters with love, the Winfield way.

It has been a tremendous 3 years. We have a lot to thank our Westport commuters and the community in general for. Being part of your daily lives has been a real pleasure.

But the real realization that being in this location brought to me, personally, is how much coffee could open doors for us. We partnered with Counter Culture Coffee a year after we opened at Railroad Place, and over the past 2 years have constantly developed our knowledge of coffee.

Coffee is really the way that we have found to show love for people. We realized that the more invested we become in our coffee craft, the better our guests respond.

Our company’s mission is to be a “community gathering coffee place where guests can find a warm smile, excellent coffee and creative food.” Being a “people-lover” is really the only requirement that we have when hiring at Winfield Street Coffee. That is why we placed the “warm smilefirst in our mission statement.

I am proud to say that from the Railroad Place store, we were able to open 2 more locations: 13 Post Road West in Westport, and 4 Veterans Plaza, Croton-on-Hudson. We hired another 11 “people-lovers.” In August we will open our newest location — 2000 square feet with a beautiful patio area — in Stamford.

The Post Road West Winfield Street Deli.

I hope we loved you well, Westport commuters and Saugatuck community.

This Thursday (February 28), we will close our doors. Unfortunately, we could not get an agreement with our landlord for a lease renewal.

Our neighbors — Romanacci Pizza — will take over. They will serve coffee in the morning.

I am glad to say that our biggest “people-lover” — head barista Venlich Aguilar — will be hired by Romanacci and remain at that location. She loves Westport commuters too much to go anywhere else.

When you need a little of our Winfield Street Coffee love, please come to our other location in town, on Post Road West next to the bridge. We are open 7 days a week. You can also visit us in Croton, or our soon-to-be announced Stamford location.

Thank you!

Winfield Street Coffee Saugatuck: Breno Donatti and the team