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The Fine Print

Alert — and squinty-eyed — “06880” reader Dick Lowenstein recently received the new AT&T “white pages” phone book.  He writes:

Last year it covered Westport (including Weston) and Fairfield.  This year, it adds Norwalk and Wilton in a book about the same number of pages.

How do they do it? Well, for one thing, the type size is 1-2 points smaller.

One reason is fewer subscribers, as more people drop their land lines.  But the small type size? It’s hell on the eyes..now I must use a magnifier.

Of course, I can also use the internet.  The trouble is that more of the so-called free sites are charging for phone numbers.  Even the Westport Library reference department isn’t certain what sites are still really free.

Is using a phone book old-fashioned?  What do your readers think?

Feel free to weigh in on this issue — though you’ll probably take this discussion in some other AT&T, free market economy, or what’s-wrong-with- education-today direction.

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Forests Breathe Easier Today

An “06880” post last summer highlighted a perennial problem:  the “distribution” of phone books by dumping them at mailboxes.

There were 20 comments.  As you can imagine, Westporters do not love free (phone) books.

(Photo courtesy of Gizmodo)

Relief is at hand.  The Yellow Pages Association (!) has introduced a “Consumer Choice & Opt-Out Site.”  Ignore the extraneous and very defensive stuff (“directories make up the smallest portion of the waste stream when compared to other non-durable products”), and just decline delivery of yellow pages.

The white pages — no such luck.

The good news is:  With all the snow we’ve had, the phone books we never picked up will be buried till May.

The bad news:  When we finally try to throw them away, they’ll weigh 12 tons.

(To opt out of yellow pages delivery, click here.)