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Roundup: Paving, Compo Beach, Owenoke …

Westport’s fall paving program has begun. It will continue through mid-October, weather permitting.

These roads are scheduled to be paved (though not in this order):

  • Hunt Club Lane
  • Tiffany Lane
  • Imperial Avenue
  • Broad Street
  • Jesup Road
  • Main Street
  • Taylor Place
  • Northfield Drive
  • Bay Street
  • Brooklawn Drive
  • Marion Road
  • Meadow View Drive
  • Hillyfield Lane
  • Cypress Pond Road
  • Oakwood Lane
  • Barbara Place
  • Charcoal Lane
  • Bowling Lane
  • Charcoal Hill Common
  • Avery Place
  • Old Road
  • Broad Street

Questions? Contact the Public Works Department: 203-341-1120.


What do Connecticut’s Compo Beach, Massachusetts’ Race Point, Rhode Island’s East Matunuck, New York’s Cooper Beach, North Carolina’s Nags Head and South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach have in common?

According to Travel + Leisure, they’re the best beaches in those states. We share that honor with Old Saybrook’s Harvey’s Beach.

The writeup says:

Westport has several beaches ideal for exploration, but one that stands out is Compo. The 29-acre park includes a large sandy beach that looks out onto the Long Island Sound, as well as a wheelchair-friendly boardwalk and pavilion areas, where visitors will also find the concession stand. For those looking to break a sweat and have a little fun, the beach also has two sand volleyball courts.

Fans of other state beaches — from Ocean Point in New London to Hammonassett in Madison, even Sherwood Island a few mini-waves away from Compo — might argue.

But countless leisure travelers now know: We’ve got one of the two best beaches in Connecticut.

And one of its greatest features is its concession stand! (Hat tip: Lisa Gold)

Come to Compo for the volleyball courts. Stay for the concession stand! (Photo/Matt Murray)


Speaking of Compo Beach: On Saturday night, Mark Laclair saw a strange blue light flying over homes near there:

(Photo/Mark Laclair)

It was there for over a minute. At first he thought it was a helicopter with a search light. As it got closer, it seemed to trail smoke — and there were no helicopter sounds.

Eventually, he says, the light and smoke just stopped.

His wife says there was chatter about it on social media, with speculation that it was SpaceX.

If any “06880” readers know for sure, click “Comments” below.


Speaking still of that neighborhood: What do you do when you buy a home on Owenoke Park — just off the Compo Beach Road bend, with a view of Ned Dimes Marina — for $3.3 million?

Part of this house dates to 1910. It was so large, it did not all fit in one frame. (Photo/Dan Woog)

You tear it down!

2 Owenoke Park, yesterday. (Photo/Matt Murray)

A newer, bigger house will rise in its place.

With a pool.


Relly Coleman contributes today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo of black swallowtail caterpillars sharing a bite, and this back story:

“Over 20 caterpillars have made my parsley their nursery, devouring every leaf.  They have now started their ‘walk-about’ journey to find a good place for their next stage: chrysalis. The porch shelves seem to be a favorite choice.”

(Photo/Relly Coleman)


Pharoah Sanders died Saturday in Los Angeles. He was 81.

The New York Times called him “a saxophonist and composer celebrated for music that was at once spiritual and visceral, purposeful and ecstatic.

His music was “a force of nature: burly, throbbing and encompassing, steeped in deep blues and drawing on extended techniques to create shrieking harmonics and imposing multiphonics. He could sound fierce or anguished; he could also sound kindly and welcoming.”

He played with John Coltrane, then recorded dozens of more albums, and toured for decades. Click here for a full obituary.

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