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Terrain Property Owner Opposes Teardown

It doesn’t get starker than this:

One of the owners of the property leased by Terrain opposes the store’s request to demolish the 1900-era house, and replace it with parking.

The house on Terrain's Post Road property, at the corner of Crescent Road.

The house on Terrain’s Post Road property, at the corner of Crescent Road.

Earlier today, Tom Curran wrote to the Historic District Commission:

I am one of the owners of this property.

I strongly oppose this application for the following reasons:

  •  (According to attached Court proceedings), the entire lease of Terrain is in question, as well as who is authorized to act for the property in granting Terrain permission to do any renovations.
  • The combination of 535,541 and 561 Post Road that was done to satisfy the zoning footprint for the original Terrain application is also in question, as well as the (legal) action in doing it.
  • My family has made numerous commitments to the Town of Westport over the years to not tear down the old “Dress Barn.” Curran Cadillac may still be standing if we were able to expand to meet General Motors’ requirements.
  • That property has had and will continue to have parking concerns forever.
  • The Terrain lease is only guaranteed for another 9 years, while the demolition of this building is permanent.
  • The tax rolls will be reduced.
  • Since the parking is wanted for the restaurant of Terrain, would the original application have been granted if it were for a restaurant and not a nursery?