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Strength Coach Focuses On Female Injuries

In the early 1980s, Tim Taylor was a Staples High School football player.

After graduating from Springfield College with a degree in exercise science, he spent time as a strength and conditioning coach at West Point.

As the longtime owner of Southport Racquet Club, Taylor noticed an increasing number of injuries among female athletes. His daughter is a field hockey, basketball and lacrosse player at Staples, so Taylor’s interest is extremely personal.

His dream was to create a place where athletes — particularly girls — could not just train as a team, but learn how to prevent injuries.

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor

The result is Athletic Performance Center — a new space in the Swim Seventy building on Norwalk’s Willard Avenue, just over the Westport line. Taylor spent a year building it out.

There’s a weight room with a killer sound system of course, and a rowing room, but also a meeting space where Taylor explains the goals of each workout. A big screen TV can show a photo of Jackie Joyner Kersee — and zoom in on her hamstring. (That’s one key to speed — but also the frequent site of injuries.)

Taylor has a video system, to film athletes as they work out and run. There’s a basketball court in back too, for fun.

After all, workouts should not be all “work.”

And injuries need not be a part of sports.

(For more information, click here or call 203-803-5486.)